Color and Food Friday


I had made this tallit I think before I had a blog. you will have to forgive the photo the colors aren't reading quite right. The main body of the tallit is a deep turquoise. The magenta is far less strident.

This tallit is made out of silk noil which was chosen by Judith, My client because she loved how noil  really took in the dyes. Silk noil may take dye like a champ but it is made out of short fibered silk which means that it isn't as long wearing as some other silks, (Although it is much LONGER wearing than China silk whose fibers break if you look at it too long. China silk is a type  of very thin silk often used for inexpensive linings or in the 90s was washed to raise the nap and sold as inexpensive shirts that broke if you left them in your closet for too long.) 

Anyway, this noil tallit has begun to go the way of all noils and has suffered a bit of breakage. Judith wondered if I should mend this tallit with neutral colored silk. (None of the silks used in the tallit are still in my fabric stash anymore)

I thought that silk dyed in colors that go with the tallit will work better.

I hope to add enough layers of color that the silk will resemble what it look like while it is still wet with fabric dye.

It's Friday and a challah baking day.

The challot are mostly filled with a bit of cranberry orange jam that a dinner guest brought as a house gift.

My guest is also a Boston girl and knows how essential the flavor of cranberries is.
Today I discovered the perfect tool for sprinkling a bit of cocoa over a jam filling. I am feeling terribly clever.

Today's chicken was made with...

After cooking it looks like this.

I made a vaguely Middle Eastern rice with Hawaij and added diced dried apricots and carrots.

The rice will be fully cooked by dinnertime.

The birds in the trees across the street are making me so happy.

Shabbat Shalom to all!