Heading towards the finish line

After I posted the last batch of photos about Cavill's tallit someone who has known me since before I was born commented that I was talented. While it is always nice to receive a compliment, I actually don't think that a good piece is really a result of talent, but rather is is the end result after hundreds and hundreds of failures.

So at this point the tallit is pieced, nicely edged and is awaiting the atara/neckband and the pinot/corner pieces.

I'm really excited and want to share some photos. No you are not imagining the hundreds of untrimmed threads. I will trim all of the threads but I was really excited and photographed with all of the mess. Hope you can see past the threads.

Yes, the text appears upside down  when the tallit is simply draped and not folded into proper wearing shape. This does look like an error but it is deliberate.

This tallit makes me so completely happy. It fits so comfortably into the vernacular of a traditional tallit and yet it is not a traditional tallit.

I am about to get back to work on the tallit but first some cool shots of the neighborhood.

The shadows of branches that will be blooming soon.
A nifty reflection of the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 96th Street in the new street facade windows  in a building that is renovating itself.
The reflection reminded me of the work of Richard Estes who used to paint in my neighborhood.


  1. This is very, very good. ribbon solution really works in a very understated way, becoming a supporting actor (or even as someone in the crowd?) and so the viewer looks directly where they are meant to be looking.
    Love it.

    1. Sandy, thank you so much. I always appreciate your comments.


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