Food Friday- too far edition

Our home has been filled with guests this Chanukah week.  This has meant lots of additional cooking and baking and laundry.

I made chicken
using this new to me spice mixture. I haven't tasted it yet, but the apartment smelled heavenly all morning.
I can't wait to try the chicken tonight. I also roasted some tomatoes and mushrooms to add to our salad.

Tonight's dessert may have been the too far part. I did the usual faking of a dessert.  I was planning on making an apricot/cranberry tart, that is a layer of cookie type crust covered with a layer of gooey apricot/cranberry. The bottom layer was much looser and airier than I had anticipated and couldn't support the fruit layer. 

As a desperate measure I marbled the two layers. I know it's ugly. It looks like a baked crime scene. I am thinking that perhaps a drizzle of chocolate, or many drizzles of chocolate may serve to improve  the looks of this pudding like thing that is nothing like the dessert i had planned to bake.

Shabbat Shalom!- and a bonus view of our candle lighting  last night.


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