A Matched Set

One ushers in Shabbat with the Friday night meal. One ushers out Shabbat with Havdalah. I make  Challah covers which are used at the beginning of the Friday night meal. I invented spice bags photo transferred with the Havdalah service that are filled with the spices one uses during Havdalah.


Some of my clients have requested matched sets of a Challah cover and havdalah bag.

l'cha cali 3

Often these sets are given as wedding gifts. l'cha cali1

I made both the Havdalah bag and the Challah cover out of richly colored silk noil.  my client had asked for a set in “California colors” the magenta and teal fit the bill. I was thinking about purchasing a Florentine styled stencil. I searched the internet for something appropriate. Instead I ended up painting the designs freehand. There are differing sizes of metallic bits in the paint which gives the painting a certain depth. It looks different from different angles.l'cha cali b'samim bag

l'cha cali2



I Love the bronze colored middy braid.  using the metallic yet dull colored threads and braid keeps the piece from looking too flashy. I’m going for a look that expresses divine light rather than Vegas show girl.


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