I have a friend whose kids look so much alike that when child #3 needed to bring a baby picture into school and none was to be found, they sent him off to school with a baby photo of their oldest, and none were the wiser. To me, my kids look like they all came from the same family. Several times though, my youngest has had the same teacher as his older brother, and the teacher had no clue that the two were related. They have a fairly unusual last name too.

When I make challa covers I will often do a small series at the same time, meaning two or three. I will make the series using the same fabrics, and often the same techniques. Often, like my two sons, they end up looking very different.

These two Lecha Dodi Challa covers. Yes, this is the very same text used for the Ultrasuede challa cover. And yes again, I used the same leaf and vine motif on all three challa covers.

The text has been stencilled onto both using a stencil cut out of Bristol board. I used the same periwinkle blue silk shantung. Both have a painted and printed vine motif, in similar colors. Both also have a linen border in navy, but then the differences begin to appear. one has a wide blue border with an embroidered vine and three dimensional appliqued leaves made out of vintage home dec fabric.

The other has the seams reinforced with a gold embroidery stitch of diamonds. Like my boys, very different. Like my boys, both good each in it's own way. So which one do you prefer?


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