Deborah's kippah, Round #2

So, here it is, my second try at getting Deborah's kippah right. You can see the obsessive quilting.The decorative trim was fun to do. I chalked a line on the quilted fabric, measuring from the fold. Then, I lay a length of maroon velvet ribbon on the chalked line.  I embroidered the line of diamonds using the adorable stitch on my machine. Yes, the embroidery is both functional and decorative. My history of architecture professor would be proud. Not only does the embropidery echo that Bauhaus credo of "form follows function", it also echoes the OCD quilting.The two rows of copper colored soutache were couched using a three stepped zig zag stitch.

Posted by PicasaMany thanks to my model, who was not a pill.


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