Progress on the Psalm 104 tallit

The other day I finished the last text stripe for the tallit. Nearly all of Psalm 104 is on the tallit. This is a big thing. It's a long Psalm. My client didn't ask for the entire Psalm, so why did I push my self to get the whole thing on the tallit?

My client has been suffering from a a disease long term. It saps her strength and keeps her from doing many of the things she loves to do. My client is an avid birder. she is someone who loves spending lots of time out in nature. The nature of her illness though, keeps her close to home, and keeps her from many of the things that she really loves to do.

The text of this Psalm though is like a tour through the natural world. It feels like one of those lovely coffee table books "A Day in the Life of_____". Instead of being say, a day in New York or Paris, this Psalm is a day on the earth.

I love being able to bring the universe to my client.

In the photo, you also see the beginning of the stripes that I am building between the text stripes. Then blue comes from a favorite dress of my client's. The other colors have been chosen through a series of many conversations that I have been having with my client. Usually we are able to do the color selection in person. My client's health issues have made the trip from the suburbs into the city impossible. so we have had to manage with phone conversations and emails. It's a more time consuming process, but I think that I'm making the right choices.

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