It's just before Passover

and this is what is in my fridge. There are only four of us at home. This is a whole lot of food to get through before clearing out for Passover. Do you want any taboule? or some lentil salad? or humus?
Perhaps some bread?


  1. well, if you were in England, I'd take the humous!

    Do you have soup kitchen sorts of places there that would take the bread at least?
    Sandy in the UK

  2. How about some "care packages" for some elderly in your building.

  3. Maybe you should invite the neighbors in for a light supper tonight... Wow! You've really got your work cut out for you in the next days.

  4. Care packages to non-Jewish neighbors?

  5. How about freezing the bread? Something tells me that you don't have room in the freezer, though ;)

  6. We have been distributing packages of food to neighbors. The rolls that are still left on Friday are going to be transformed into a huge bread pudding and brought to a pot luck lunch at my synagogueon Saturday after services along with all of the cake which is filling our freezer.

    So yes, our fridge is less full than it was this morning.

    I found out last night that the chef who cooked all of the food for the Bar Mitzvah used to be the chef at the Russian Tea Room.


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