Frantic cooking and frantically working

 Tonight we have in-person guests, an old friend of my husband's and his family.

We will be eating--

Chicken with za'atar and lots of lemon and lime,

and potatoes cooked with red peppers and paprika.

Not pictured is the cooked eggplant and zucchini. My husband will be making a green salad.

More work is being done on tallitot and atarot.

Ribbon is being embroidered to edge the atarot.

This one needs another layer of embroidery.

I think this one is complete but will be stitched down with bronze thread to add an extra bit of wonderful.

This where it goes--

The combination makes my eyes happy.

And we are eating cake for dessert.

A faked blueberry citrus cake--meaning made without a recipe. Aside from the blueberries, the cake is flavored with lots of lemon and lime peel, ginger, some fresh lemon juice, limoncello, and orange juice. I prepared the bunt pan with coconut oil and sugar so it has a crunchy crust.

And now I go take a pre-dinner nap.

Shabbat Shalom!