We joined a cult

of sorts.

Driving out of Austin towards Houston we began passing punny signs directing us to stop at Buc-ees.
We missed the first Buc-ees east of Austin but by the time we got to Katy, just west of Houston we could no longer resist and we pulled off the road to see what Buc-ees was.
It is a convenience store on steroids. Actually, steroids are not quite a strong enough drug to express the wonder of Buc-ees.

They are famous for their spotlessly clean bathrooms and for good reason.
Buc-ees sells their own branded snack food.

They also make their own fudge in about thirty different flavors.
We did not partake of the fudge but the nice man manning the nut candying pots insisted that we taste not only candied almonds but also the cashews and peanuts. Yes, they were delicious.

Buc-ees makes an extensive line of various flavors of beef jerky which we admired but did not taste. This is a photo of some but not all of the pickled foods on display. you can click on any of the photos below to enlarge them and read the various labels.

It isn't just pickles that are available.

If you want to bring home a smoker to put in your backyard you can buy one for about $700.
They make sandwiches and wraps fresh for their many hungry customers. There were not that many choices for vegetarians. But their South West vegetarian wrap was so good we made sure to buy them on our way back to Austin.

The only negative thing I can say about Buc-ees is they don't have picnic tables. We drove a few miles to eat our excellent wraps.

We have joined the cult of Buc-ees.


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