Big sky country

We got back from Texas late last night. Air travel, as most of you know, is just kind of unpleasant. In the 1970's and 80's, I did lots of travel by bus. Plane travel these days isn't as smelly as bus travel in the old days but is equally as aggravating as old-timey bus travel.

The being in Texas though was really wonderful. My husband and I had time for just the two of us and also time with dear relatives who we have not seen in many years.

I think I will need to divide this Texas trip up into a few posts. The first one will be about the sky.

Our trip began and ended in Austin but we spent a few days in the middle with cousins in Houston.  During our days here in New York, we experience the sky in little slivers. You need to make an effort to look up and experience sky.

Driving along the highway we experienced the sky as a big dome. Both my husband and I were entranced by the cloud formations.

My husband pulled back so I could take this photo out his car window. Truly a window into the heavens.

When we drove to an evening minyan the sunset was spectacular.

The sky dwarfs the landscape.


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