Food Friday- a great table edition

Tonight our table is as full as it can be without being extended. Aside from my daughter and her intended who don't exactly count as guests and really reside in the family column, we have one of my husband's buddies who goes as far back as Hebrew High School, a woman who was part of my pre-kid cohort of  women professionals  who worked in the Jewish non profits in the neighborhood, and one of my sewing buddies who is in town. all in all, a great table full of people we all love.

So in their honor, we have

Chicken made with clementines, pomegranate molasses, mustard and spices (I no longer remember exactly which spices I added).  My son carved the chickens and we nibbled on the bits left on the cutting board. This is good chicken.

My son made a baked pilaf and I didn't take a photo.

I roasted some vegetables. I think they look especially beautiful in the orange bowl my sister gave me a few years ago.
 I faked another cake.
This time it is a blackberry cake. I am serving it unadorned (because the blackberries  carefully laid out in the bottom of the bunt pan look like jewels).

The batter is flavored with ground clementine peels.

The High Holidays are on my mind these days.  I am blowing shofar on the first day of the holiday and am practicing most days through out the month. I was listening to this
(כי הנה כחומר (לחן חריטונוב) today. The text comes from a liturgical poem recited (or sung) on Yom Kippur. The melody started out as a Chabad nigun or wordless melody.  In 1929 the melody was used for a  gorgeous Hebrew lullaby שכב בני . Some time around 1948 the melody was used for כי הנה כחומר. I love how the use of the melody flowed back and forth between the religious and the secular. 

Hoping that all of my Florida peeps stay safe.
Shabbat Shalom!


  1. All looks wonderful. I enjoyed seeing your place when I visited with you after your mother passed. Hoping to get back in to the city one of these days and will stay in touch!


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