preparing to teach

These are sixteen scarves that I have cut out of mostly silk but with some lengths of linen and rayon thrown into the mix.and rayon 
All of the scarves have been given a perl edge by my server. Please ignore the passive voice here(it is not an accurate representation of events as they occurred). The scarves did not hop onto the serger and emerge perfectly hemmed. This was the result of several hours worth of work yesterday.

 The scarves will all be decorated with block printing  by members of a teen and senior art class that I have been teaching the past few weeks. The fabrics I edged have all long been part of my stash. Some were purchased for particular pieces for clients. Others came to me via the "Grandma who used to sew is moving to assisted living or died", route. Some are fabrics that showed up in my stash via Fabric Mart Mystery Bundles.
My serger can be cranky and temperamental. My serger does not like change and can get really balky when I have to change it's settings from a regular width hem to a rolled hem. I had steeled myself to expect balky sewing. Instead, with the exception of some stuttering and thread breakage the serger was able to get through the task without too many complaints and only a bit of coddling and re-threading.

I sympathize with my serger that does not adapt well to changes in routine.  The last couple of days have been filled with all sorts of surprises. None of them have been bad, exactly, but all of them have required a certain amount of adaptability, more than I usually am called upon the display. It might have been nice had the doctor who personally had called me to schedule an appointment had bothered to show up at work. But I will learn from my serger and try to go with the flow.

Shabbat Shalom! ( Yes, I did cook but I haven't the energy to write about it)


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