an afternoon at the Met

My older son joined me for a visit to the Met today. I have been wanting to see the Rei-Kawakubo exhibit since it had opened.  Today was my opportunity to go.

 The designer is exploring so many big ideas in her work. It's hard to talk about it with out sounding like the worst and most pretentious writing about art.
What I will say is that despite raising a host of serious issues being around the clothing creates a joy in the viewer.

Some of the clothing seems really wearable.

All of it makes you think about what it means to clothe your body.

Since I had gotten to see what I most wanted to I let my son take the lead.

We visited a bit of an exhibit about WWI propaganda posters.
We wandered through the Egyptian exhibits. I was startled to see a mummy who looked remarkably like my beautiful niece.
We took in some decorative art.

 Seeing the excellent furniture at the Ann Arbor Arts fair made me extra appreciative of the workmanship I saw today.

I am storing this simple yet effective textile embellishment technique in my mental files.

This Tiffany window has been re mounted and re-lit so it give a better sense of what these windows look like with actual sunlight streaming through. Flat cold fluorescent light is a poor second to whatever technical lighting magic they did here. 

There is a local synagogue with a large stained glass window of Mount Sinai above the ark. I don't know which studio created the window but it is made with layers of glass like Tiffany windows. The play of changing light as the sun moved during services was so mesmerizing that I couldn't pay attention to services. I this window were in my house I probably could do nothing all day but watch the colors emerge across the face of the window during the day.

My son wanted to see arms and armaments. I loved seeing the surface decoration.

My head is filled with wonderful things. It's time to get to work.


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