Food Friday - oral legacy edition and a favor for a friend

This has been a busy week with Linda's tallit turning out trickier than anticipated.  I was up against a deadline and I needed my boys to help cook.
I made the roast, but my older son sliced it. 

This is something of a celebratory dinner our older son graduated from college. 

I put my younger son who claims that he doesn't cook to work making meringues. My son flavored the meringues with candied orange peel I had made last night.

The challot were  a joint effort between me mixing the dough and my son shaping the loaves.

 The extra egg yolks and two more eggs went into this made up chocolate spice cake. My younger son made it according to my made up directions. I recited directions to him while I did some hand sewing. No actual cook books were consulted  in the making of this cake. It worked. This sort of cookery used to irritate my youngest. Either he has gotten more used to my methods or he has gotten more used to the process of cooking. This cake didn't exactly come out as I had anticipated but it is delicious.

We are also eating chicken wings.

The rice is baking in the oven  and a vegetable is yet to be made.

And now for the favor part of this post. My dear friend is selling these cool antique sewing notions. You can get in touch with her  through her blog if you want to purchase them.
You can get in touch with Martha-Anne through her her blog.


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