Passover the good and the not so good.

The reality is, Passover was mostly pretty wonderful. Our Sedarim were both pretty great. Having family and friends celebrating with us was really wonderful. We have learned that the unbearable parts of the Haggadah are much better when read in Italian by my husband.

There were far too many big meals, but the food was pretty excellent (if I may say so myself). As always, none of  Passover could have taken place without everyone pitching in. i am grateful to everyone who helped out this year in ways great and small. 

On the creepy side of the ledger, as I was walking to synagogue on the seventh day of Passover a smiling bum flung the content of his very large bottle of beer on me. I was completely soaked in chametz. Even if it weren't Passover it would have been a gross experience. 

In addition to all of the cooking for all of the meals and doing an insane amount of laundry and ironing on the days that weren't holiday I gave the d'var Torah on Shabbat. If you are dying to read it, send me an email and I will send it to you.

I also finished this 
Torah mantle. The story of the making of this piece is a long one. I don't quite have the energy to lay it all out this minute. 

I will take better photos when the mantle is on an actual Torah. It was presented in synagogue yesterday.
There is a tallit that is due by Friday. It is mostly done but not much time is left. I think I have this the wll in terms of working today. A dear friend mentioned that everyone seems to be experiencing Post- Passover hangovers. My friend is right.  I am hope for a productive work day tomorrow.

This is my first post Passover bread. I missed eating bread very little this year.


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