Brooklyn Shopping Adventure

My friend, Cayle and I made the trek to Moisha's Supermarket in Brooklyn. They claim to have the cheapest prices in Brooklyn. We were not disappointed.

The prices were far more reasonable than my local Kosher market. It was in every sense of the word, a trip. I did not take photos while inside. It was just too crowded and I have learned that you don't stand between a Jewish woman and her Passover groceries  in the days before Passover. The customers weren't rude, but every one of them was completely stressed out and the market ( despite being open 24 hours a day during the week before Passover) was really crowded.

I did take some pictures as we were waiting for our Uber to drive us home.There isn't quite enough room in the store for all of the stock, so the entire store is ringed with cases of food waiting to be shelved.

Delivery trucks kept driving up to be unloaded.
Amazingly, the shopping experience itself was not quite as crazed as the scene outside..

I loved seeing the upstairs window in the house across the street. 
Our Uber finally arrived. Our driver Jewish and from Chechnya. We talked about our Passover customs. His English wasn't that good but he managed to tell us that in addition to dipping greens in salt water he also dips something that he couldn't quite describe in English into honey as part of his Seder.

I got home, strained my vat-o-chicken soup, and packed it all up into the freezer. I turned the boiled chicken into chicken salad made with home made spicy mayo. Two more roasts are cooked. More cooking awaits but I am too tired to do any of it right now.


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