And it's Done!!!!

Rebecca and I have worked together on and off over the years I have taught her how to sew.

Lots of kids in our community are primarily smart in,  for lack of a better term, book learning. Rebecca is a smart kid but she is at the core someone who is smart with her body. She is an athlete and a dancer and understands the world in much more of a physical way than an intellectual way. She had gone to a Jewish day school for elementary school and it left her something of an anti-theist.

Rebecca was unsure if she wanted a tallit or not. We met and talked. ultimately she did want a tallit.  Choosing the fabrics for the tallit was easy, selecting the text was harder.

Rebecca chose a taupe shantung for the body of the tallit and orange organza for the 'stripe".

The text she chose is one I often suggest for the theistic-ally challanged. it comes from the Shabbat morning services
if only our mouths were as filled with song as the sea
and our tongues filled with song like it's many waves
and our lips filled with praise like the width of the horizon and our eyes shining like the sun and the moon
and our hands outstretched like the eagles of the heavens and our legs swift as gazelles...

Rebecca chose the first and last line of that poem. I am happy with her choice. These verses suit her.

I stitched waves in gold onto the orange organza.
The corner pieces were also made to look similarly watery.
I calligraphed the text onot more of the silk and then bordered it with more organza.

The ribbon is vintage from my stash. I have no idea of the date when it was produced, but I guess that it is old, probably from the first quarter of the 20th century. 

We tie the tzitzit tomorrow.


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