I am now the mother of retired children

Years ago, a European born relative when asked what her daughter did for a living replied " My Deborah teaches retired children." We just loved the possibilities present in that Malaprop. In our family parlance retired children could refer either to children with developmental disabilities or to adult children.

Today, our youngest turned 21. I am now the mother of retired children.
He is now older than I was when I met his father. The birthday tiara was a 16th birthday gift from his older brother . My youngest has worn it every birthday since.

Since today is a big birthday, there is of course a birthday Shabbat dinner. I did not photograph the chicken, but it was made with New Orleans mustard ( a gift from dear friends) and Lebanese pomegranate molasses.

Making this dinner I was very aware of the very particular food likes and dislikes of the birthday celebrant.
Sweet potato spears  and despite the fact that I am still sick ( Yes, I am now on antibiotics. No, it isn't pneumonia) I made an effort for my youngest.
The pigs in blankets were not that difficult to make with filo dough. 

The lemon meringue cake will be cut into squares for serving. It involves lots of not very difficult steps and three stages of baking. The intended recipient was really pleased with both additions to his birthday dinner.
My youngest will not be eating the salad made with roasted tomatoes. He is not a big fan of vegetable matter, but the rest of us will enjoy the roasted tomatoes on greens.

During the past few sick days i worked on the fire tallit.
All of the text is now complete.
After copying out the piyut/liturgical poem four times, I still really like it. next week i will begin to assemble the tallit.

Shabbat Shalom!


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