Food Friday - Last Chametz Edition

Sunday we change the house over to Passover. Yes, I know it's early. I grew up on a home where the task of changing over the house was done early so all of the cooking  and all of the baking could all take place before the holiday.  I don't change our house as early as my parents did, and I don't change my house over as late as my husband would like (perhpas the day before the holiday).

I made a matza farfel kugel out of what was left of a box of farfel from last Passover. We are also eating roasted mushrooms and Brussels sprouts
using lots of condiments from the fridge for flavor.

We also are eating beef.
I had time to put in some work on Cavill's tallit. When we had met to design Cavill's tallit, he brought the tallit his grandmother had bought him I believe for his bar-mitzvah. It was never exactly the right tallit for Cavill, but it represented the bond between grandmother and grandson. So while he didn't like the way it looked it was at the same time a beloved thing. 

I decided to line both the atara/neckband and the pinot/corner pieces with the tallit.
Here are the pinot with the facing side up.
The pinot are now sewn onto the tallit and the eyelets are done. Yes, that is a machine worked flame stitch  which is perfect for a tallit with the theme of  holy fire. I just wish I had been clever enough to think of it earlier  in the process.All that is left to do is to sew on the atara  and to snip up all of the thousands ofloose threads.


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