Real snow

The snow season has begun slowly this year. This morning I woke up to this outside my windows.

A bit later I went out for a little walk and some food gathering.

The bike outside of the pizza shop needs to be dug out before people can get their deliveries.

 This pair of bikes look like they are hibernating for the winter.

If you frame a picture  one way it looks like a winter wonderland.

But when you pull back some of the realities of snow in the city emerge.
When our neighborhood was being developed, some money was set aside to properly engineer the streets.  Unfortunately, the politicians of the time couldn't resist that pot of money and siphoned it off .

The result is  that crossing the street during snow and rain is something of an obstacle course. 

This puddle across the street from my house is often surprisingly deep. During my years pushing strollers some corners of Broadway made me want to cry during the snow, they were so hard to traverse.

On my street, the snow covered fire escapes made a pretty graphic pattern.

The warm lights of my lobby just beyond a snow laden potted plant.


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