Finishing Charlie's tallit and Tag team Cooking

Charlie's tallit is finally completed.
please excuse the wrinkles, I promise that the tallit will be well pressed when Charlie and his family come to pick it up.
I adore the pinot. 

I love that despite the fact that there are so many textures and techniques used in this tallit, the tallit has a calm feel to it.

And now onto the cooking.

I had an appointment this morning. My son got the chicken going (honey mustard, because we have a young dinner guest this evening). 

My son trusted me with the task of chicken removal., but before he went out for his bike ride he discussed the flavoring for the pilaf ( the chicken juice from last week's curry and date chicken) with me,
and how I should make the kale. He also weighed in on my sister's chicken flavor question( Pomegranate molasses works well with black pepper and mustard and less well with za'atar.)

My son left me to make dessert,an orange almond cake.  I dried orange peel in my oven's down draft.

The cake is pretty but broken. In case you get the same baking feeds on your Facebook page that I do, sprinkling your greased pan with ground nuts does aid in releasing the cake from the pan. I will probably hide the cracks by decorating the cake with strawberries.

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. I love that you share so much about Judaism and what the different things mean. It is always interesting - and you do such lovely work! Thank you.


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