Food Friday

We are having a house full of guests staying with us starting tomorrow night, but tonight it is just family with a last minute guest who is bringing a surprise carb.

I made another tray of last week's red chicken made with an array of red spices, hot paprika, smoked paprika sumac and lots of fresh lime juice. 

I also made a load of kibbe. I don't know how other people make kibbe but tonight's version is essentially taboule  with chopped meat baked into torpedo shaped meat balls. I plan to make a techina sauce to serve with it. My youngest is home from  school and is allergic to sesame. Since I don't plan on killing him this weekend, the sauce is being served on the side. The people who are not allergic can add it to their kibbe.
These days I am having a crush on the flavor of slow roasted tomatoes added to salad. So here is tonight's.
The other day I bought  giant bag of limes at Costco. the limes got me thinking that a lime meringe tart would be a nice dessert for tonight.

If I were smarter I would have started by mixing the crust layer and started making the custard while the crust was cooking. But that is the downside of not working from a recipe. 

I hate lemon squares that are sweet and not tart enough. So I made sure that the custard i made for the filling was really tart.
I started with the rinds and juice of these three limes and then added the juice of yet another lime. 
i combined coconut oil, flour and sugar in a pot , added the lime juice and rind and some water and cooked until the mixture came to a boil. I added three egg yolks and mixed.

This custard got poured over the crust which was at this point mostly baked. Then I beat up the egg whites with sugar  and added dribbles of meringue to the not quite set custard and continued baking.
I plan to cut this into squares and serve  (of course!) in pretty paper cases. The sweet of the meringue should counteract the puckery  filling.

Shabbat Shalom!


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