Getting down to the wire

My cooking partner and I set our alarms for 7:00am and started out cooking adventure.

The result is this bit of turkey porn
 that I am posting for my meat eating friends married to vegetarians, you know who you are. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

The briskit is cooling and waiting to be sliced.  The mashed spiced sweet potatoes and the Brussel sprouts are in the  oven's second round of cooking , now nearly done.

I sent out my son to buy the can of ready made jellied cranberry sauce, and made the real stuff in the nuker. After this photo was taken this went into the nuker covered and cooked for 8 minutes.
My mother was a big believer in a nice seasonal centerpiece.

I went out this morning and bought the flowers and played, a bit of self indulgence  on this busy day.

I am looking forward to sharing this meal with our guests.


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