Election day on the Upper West Side

I met a friend for breakfast this morning. On my way home you could see 

that the campaign headquarters were busy outside. there was quite a crowd inside all making phone calls. 

I went to vote. My polling place is at PS 163, on the wide block between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues on 97th street. I voted just before noon. This was the line after I finished voting.

This is what I could see from the top step of the school. I decided to take photos all the way down the line. 
This is a wide block. I still can't see the end of the line, so I keep walking.

The line goes around the corner to Columbus Avenue

If you look closely at the street sign you can see that the line  extends back to 98th Street.

I was not the only person taking photos.
Did you vote??


  1. yes, I went to the Greek Orthodox Church (my assigned voting place) walked right in, gave them my name, went straight to the voting stand and filled in all those little ovals while holding my nose! Never have I voted for someone simply to vote against another. A sad election year it has been . . . .glad it is over!


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