From a recently unearthed box of photos

This photo was taken in December of 1991. It's of my older son. I suppose that if you aren't me and look at this picture you see a sweet faced baby boy with a giant smile on his face.

Of course I see the sweet face, and that killer smile ( and of course my son's beloved Blue Blanket just behind him). I also remember that day. It had come after months of  of one childhood sickness after another. On the day this photo was taken my son was really sick with the flu. He had at this point lost quite a bit of weight. He would have an occasional well day, but most of his days he had a bad ear infection or was struggling with his breathing.

And still there he was completely sweet tempered with that delicious smile. (This is a photograph so you can't hear his laugh though I can't help but hear that laugh when I look at this picture) 

Is it any wonder that I tell my son that I wish that he has kids who are like him, so he could experience just what a sweet kid he was.


  1. We had that bus! Ours was a hand me down from the Cirlins, I believe. Nostalgia. He does have an especially sweet smile in this picture.

  2. It makes sense that you had that excellent bus. Their boys are about the same age as my big one and the hand me down makes perfect sense. One had to apply the stickers so it became a sesame Street us...I no longer remember if it was a gift or something I purchased but I do remember applying those stickers. Looking closely at the second photo I see that Blue Blanket was handed down from my nephew. the fact that it was labeled with his name leads me to believe that it was my nephew's day-care nap blanket. Blue Blanket was elevated by my son to a status of holiness along with it's cousin Yellow Blanket.


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