Food friday

The sweet baby in yesterday's post made tonight's chicken.
It's cooked in za'atar and lime. My husband deeply misses our kids from their baby years. Perhaps because he was working long, long hours in those days and I was home with the kids, I much prefer hanging out with the adult  version of those sweet babies. I am also grateful to have my son cook while I am still under the weather.

I made a lazy side dish of potatoes and vegetables roasted in last week's chicken juice. This is what I did.

A little bit of chicken fat from last weeks chicken juice and a cut up onion, popped into the oven as the chicken cooks and I cut up more of the vegetables. My friend Alan probably would have used more chicken fat, or at least saved the rest to use on other food. I tossed the rest of the fat. Sorry Alan.

Potato wedges are added to the pan along with tomatoes  and mushrooms ( not yet pictured)

Here is the container of chicken juice, minus the fat. I plopped that on the pan and let the mixture cook until it was done.

Here it is after maybe 10 minutes of actual labor on my part. The oven did the rest. Like I said, lazy vegetables.
My nephew is joining us tonight. He loves whities, ( meringues in normal English, but whities in my family's lingua franca) so I made a batch. this time with chunks of bittersweet chocolate and slivers of dried apricot, and scented with orange extract and orange bitters.
right out of the oven
And now plattered. My late mother was a great believer in pretty cupcake liners. I am also serving some of last week's plum tart. If I were my mother, there would be a dessert course of small cakes followed by a second dessert course of a big cake to be cut with great ceremony. In addition to those two dessert courses there might also be a pre-dessert course of a fruit platter or stewed rhubarb or home made apple sauce. My nephew will just have to make do.

Chag Sameah!

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. Shabbat Shalom Sarah. Looks like you had a delicious dinner. I particularly like the chicken flavors--2 of my favorite included. We should set up a time to talk on the phone. Lots been happening with me and I would love to hear what's new with you and yours. Miss you!!!!


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