Food Friday and a bonus Art-Deco lobby

Yes, I'm still sick. This cold is like one of those slow moving storms. It isn't that the storm itself is that strong but the fact that it keeps hanging around makes it bad.

So, we didn't have company and it was just a simple meal for the three of us with enough left over for additional meals.
Tomatoes are roasted to add to salad.

I also had to leave something off at a friend's apartment. I love my friend's lobby. It looks like the interior of a jazz era ocean liner.

Even the elevators are beautiful.
Isn't that dark red enamel work amazing?

The interior of the elevator cabs match the lobby. It's rare to find the original cabs in an art-deco building. Often the elevator cabs had bad upgrades( Formica) in the 1960's or 70's and the beautiful wood work is lost.
It's always nice to see my friends but their lobby is always an extra bit of wonderful.


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