A Labor Day Adventure

On Mother's Day we had eaten a spectacular meal at Angela's restaurant in Boro Park.
We decided to end the last gasp of summer with another meal there. Angela's  is a kosher Uzbeki meat restaurant. 
The decor, despite this chandelier, is very simple. The food, mostly skewered meats is great. The menu is mostly in Russian.  The waitress,  reminds me of Gilda Radner doing a bit as a waitress in an Uzbeki restaurant.  While the restaurant is physically in New York City once you walk in, you are in an Uzbeki restaurant. Just go with the flow. Most of what you expect in a restaurant just does not apply here. If you want fancy service, go elsewhere. 

Gilda will tell you what you need to eat. You can refuse some of the offerings, but basically Gilda is in charge. 

We ordered one house salad, not pictured and one pickled salad.
The pickled cherry tomatoes were particularly adored by my family . The restaurant pickles their own vegetables.

You can spot a bit of the plastic table cloth over the brocade cloth. Yes, there is heavy gold fringe at the edge of the table cloth.

You get your food as it gets cooked. First the bread comes hot from the kitchen.Gilda will tell you to order it. Listen to Gilda.
Your meat is cooked on a grill by the front door. Each item arrives as it is cooked.

We got chicken hearts and beef hearts. This is the beef heart. It's chewy and delicious.
We got sweetbreads, and beef.
We also got lamb.

You can see Gilda in the background. She is probably making salad. We watched Uzbeki news as we ate. An important politician died. We watched the funeral procession with crowds tossing flowers at the cars in the procession. We also saw various memorial banquets and the Uzbeki dignitaries who took part. Perhaps they ate a meal as good as ours was. 

Gilda told us that we should also order chicken . We did not.  We were beyond full even without the chicken. We ate our fill of little grilled bits of meat.

We drove our daughter back to her home in the Bronx. The bossy direction lady on Google Maps got us to the Brooklyn Bridge,

up the East Side,

and up to the Bronx.

We then drove south  back to Manhattan,

along the Hudson River

As we pulled off the highway, I realized we had completely circumnavigated the island.

You can see a bit of the sunset in the car's rear view mirror.


  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/03/world/asia/uzbekistan-islam-karimov-obituary.html?emc=eta1
    This is the funeral we were watching. Many thanks to my older sister for providing the link.

  2. I L-O-V-E the picture of the six high-rises, and then if you skip the one directly above it, the three above that. LOVE. Can you post those on FB so I can look at them again?

  3. Your end of summer adventure was so well written I can just picture it! Your lucky Gilda let you leave without the chicken...then Google lady sent you on the wrong direction!!1 The pictures were great too. Nancy


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