Cavalcade of kippot

All ten kippot are done.
Those of you who care about zero waste cutting will be happy to know that nearly every inch of Grandpa's tallit was used in making these kippot. A friend from one of my sewing lists talks about inchage of fabric  (as opposed to yardage). There were a few small odd arches of fabric left, but my calculations were right, ten kippot was all that could be made out of the tallit.
No two are identical. Each is trimmed a bit differently.

I made good use of some of the vintage ribbon and metallic yarns and threads in my stash.

Each kippah is tipped with a button at the top, again vintage buttons pulled from my stash.

This project has used parts of my brain that I tend not to use very often. I hadn't expected to enjoy the kippah making quite as much as I did. Sometimes it is interesting to work within very narrow parameters.


  1. What a great project! The mix of colors and patterns looks very cool.

  2. Fantastic job! What a great keepsake.


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