Food Friday -

Wednesday night I thought I was joking around with my youngest. I ended up hurting his feelings. I felt awful and left him an apology note for him so he could find it at breakfast. I

I know that sometimes it to let someone know you are truly sorry, words aren't enough. I decided to show my son that I was really contrite by making something  that he really loved.

I made spinach noodles. I then thought that my son would really love them if I turned the noodles into ravioli. So I did. I filled the noodles with black pepper spiked goat cheese. It was a lot of work. No, I don't own a pasta machine. I just kept rolling and re-rolling that noodle dough until it was all filled with the goat cheese. By the time I was done I really had gotten the process down and the ravioli were thin and elegant. The ones I had made early in the process were far less elegant.

My son got home when I was nearly done. He thanked me for the note He gave me a hug.
he took a bowl of ravioli.

My son who is not an eater proclaimed them to be F%^&%ing amazing.

I'm glad I made them and will make them again as soon as my arms recover.

Shabbat begins in just a bit and another meal needed to get made today. I made beef with more or less this spice rub (turmeric and coffee were added to the mix after being ground up in my coffee grinder)

We are also having a cardamon scented pilaf.

These tomatoes will be going into the salad. 
My friend Alan is a wonderful challah baker. His daughter is getting married this weekend. Alan made the giant simcha challah that will be served at the wedding. Alan, unlike me is a careful cook of the scientific bent. He has been practicing making the simcha challah for the past few weeks and sharing the process on Facebook. As I kneaded this week's challah I thought about Alan and his labor of love for his daughter and all of their guests. I love how all of the wedding guest will eat this manifestation of Alan's love and joy.  

Dessert tonight  is a selection of seasonal fruit.

Mixed into all of this cooking has been obsessively small chain stitching around letters for an atara.

At first I had thought that pick-stitching would do the trick. You can see how the chain stitching is just better. I carefully unpicked the pick-stitching and have been working away letter by letter.

I am now just a few letters away from being done.

Shabbat Shalom! I hope that the next week brings an end to the senseless killing of the past several days. 


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