Food Friday - it's hot out edition

It's hot out.

I made chicken using some of the Tsere I had bought a couple of years ago. Tsere is an African mixture of hot peppers and peanuts that packs a punch. It gets hot in Africa,they know how to make food for this weather. It will be perfect for tonight.

While the chicken was roasting I roasted some tomatoes that will go into tonight's salad.

Since you asked nicely I will tell you that I sprinkled them with Zaatar.

Tonight's dessert is Creamsicle flavored parev ice cream.Here is a pot with a hefty tablespoon of flour, but I could have used corn or potato starch instead, a cup of sugar and the grated rind of an orange.

I cut the orange 
and then used my fancy orange juicing tool to get out every bit of juice. yes, i squeezed the orange right over the pot. Who needs to was extra dishes?
I added some commercial orange juice and some water  and a bit of olive oil, and set the pot to simmer.
When the mixture came to a boil I added vanilla and then put it into the ice cream maker.
It tastes like a Creamsicle or like an Orange Julius if you grew up in New York.

Our starch tonight is lazy corn, cooked by letting the ears sit in boiling water for a few minutes.

It's time to finish making the salad.

Shabbat Shalom! and stay cool.


  1. I enjoy your blogs so much! I had to Google those spice names and now I learned something new... Thanks. Nancy

  2. Nancy - so nice of you to comment.The bag of tsere came from a visit to Kaloustian's the totally awesome spice store in the neighborhood known as Curry Hill for all of it's Indian restaurants. Kaloustian's sells spices from all over the world. I bought the bag of Tsere never having heard of it, having no idea of what it tastes like.usually i use too much which makes for a delicious meal but with tears rolling down all of our faces. Either the bag has gotten old or I showed some restraint. it was yummy- and no tears.

  3. It never fails...I hear a new word or phrase and someone says it soon after! I was turning on Food Network and Geoffrey Zakaran mentions Zaatar in one of his dishes. He says he loves sumac as one of the spices along with thyme. You are a "trend setter". Nancy


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