Yesterday, my husband and I had a reception to attend across Madison Square from his office. I waited for my husband for a few minutes.

The reception was lovely with lots of adorable passed tidbits and lots of delicious curated wine.

We wandered back across the park to head home. 

This sculpture was cool to look at. But the accompanying text which you see my husband reading was so completely irritating that it made me instantly hate the sculpture that a minute before I had found fairly charming.

Sometimes people don't know when it is better to say less.

As we continued our walk we passed St.Saba, the Serbian church that suffered a catastrophic fire several weeks ago.

We Continues walking only to discover that it was Manhattanhendge, one of the nights when the sunset exactly lines up with the city grid.

It is always a completely impressive experience.

I am adding some fire escape photos from Sunday. if I were more clever I would have figured out an elegant way to fit them into a post. I am adding them here because this post has something of an architectural focus.

I love how fire-escapes  and their shadows add a graphic element to buildings. 

Unlike the description of the sculpture, I am not going to tie this love of fire escapes to any larger themes of human existence. 


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