Food Friday- Yummy, not fussy

Today is a day filled with complicated news. I am not going to address the complicated global issues swirling around us.

Earlier today, one of  my childhood friends re-posted  this article on how to make home made Hoodsies. For those of you NOT from New England, a Hoodsie was a staple at every birthday party of my childhood. It was a small cardboard cup filled half with chocolate ice cream and half with vanilla. There was a small wax coated tabbed cardboard lid that always lifted off the cup with a thin layer of ice cream perfect to lick. A Hoodsie was always packaged with a paper wrapped wooden paddle you used as a spoon.

A Hoodsie was delightful for kids. it was inexpensive for parents to buy. A Hoodsie was easy to serve at the end of a birthday party after the cake. Every kid got the same amount of ice cream and you didn't have to worry about 20 different kids' individual likes or dislikes.The quality of the ice cream was fine, perfect for a table full of kids.

The Food 52 article shows probably the most nutsy, obsessive way to recreate a Hoodise. I completely don't get this level of fussiness to recreate a completely mediocre food, even if it is nostalgia laden.

I contrast that article with tonight's dinner.

Mix three types of paprika, smoked, smoked hot and mystery paprika that came from my friend Judy in Minnesota and a bit of fennel in a bowl.

Rub it on the chicken including under the skin.

Cook the chicken in the oven until it is done.

Spicy kale salad
Put olive oil in a roasting pan.sprinkle cayenne pepper on ears of corn. Roast the corn until done.
Roast a few extra ears of corn and share them with your kids. Be sure they eat the corn over the sink.
Roast the kale in the oven with olive oil and black pepper. If you are using the giant 2lb bag of kale from Costco, you will need to roast the kale in small bits, because there you probably don't own a baking pan big enough for all of that kale.

While the kale is roasting you can go about your life doing all of the other things you need to be doing.
Cut the corn off the cob and layer with the kale as it is done cooking.
Before I serve the kale I will add some balsamic vinegar to the salad. That's it. 

Non dairy ice cream
I ought to come up with a name for this mixture. If I tell you what is in it, maybe you can give me an idea of what to name it. 
dried apricots
a plum
 ginger liqueur
coconut oil
brown sugar
pomegranate molasses
ascorbic acid
shredded unsweetened coconut
Rose water
After it had done it's time in the ice cream maker I toasted some walnuts
and layered them with the ice cream

Tonight's dinner took time. Most of the time was food cooking away in the oven  so flavors could intensify and meld. This isn't a fussy meal, but it is full of flavor.

Shabbat Shalom


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