Fathers Day

Our kids suggested celebrating their father at the Lower East Side Egg Cream, Eggroll and Empanada  festival would be a good idea. We took the subway from 96th street. 

My husband wore a shirt the kids and I made for him on a Fathers Day long ago back when we only had two kids. My husband wears it every Fathers Day. This is just one way that he exhibits his excellence as a father.

When we got to the festival it was smaller than we expected and really crowded.
My youngest suggested that instead we go eat lunch at Vegetarian Dim Sum, which serves, you guessed it, vegetarian dim sum.

Here is my satisfied family.

After we ate we went to the Chinese supermarket under the Manhattan Bridge. We had some supplies that we needed to buy. 

We had by that point walked off enough of lunch so there was room for dessert at the Chinatown Ice Cream factory. It was a hot day so of course there was a line. So I took photos of my family as we waited.

 If my family decided to become a band, this is the album cover.

After the ice cream we headed home.


  1. You are surely blessed with a lovely family.

  2. I am. We have such a blast when we are together.


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