Another day out

A yukky day, too gross and wet for swimming, so we went to the New York Historical Society.

The folk art collection of Elie and Viola Nadelman was particularly delightful. The two of them were hugely influential about how we think about crafts today. Actually they influenced how people have thought about and collected crafts for the past 70 years.

We also saw a quirky little exhibit that highlighted a Picasso backdrop for a Spanish influenced ballet. The Picasso was the biggest, but most boring object in that exhibit space.

I loved the giant Belgian tapestry despite it's being cringe worthy in it's racist and sexist overtones. But if you were prepared to ignore the subject ( the role of Belgians and Dutch in the settlement of New York) and the depiction of women and native Americans and just look at the workmanship and colors it was pretty spectacular.


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