A Little Bit O This and A Little Bit O That....

A Little Bit O This 

I have bad old lady feet. I have had old lady feet since I was in my teens. I love fun, funky shoes but I enjoy them vicariously.  If I could buy any shoes on the planet I would buy shoes like these
or these
Or, perhaps these.
For the most part I have made my peace with the fact that I will live out my days wearing men's cowboy boots when the weather permits and wear German old lady sandals in the summer.  If I want to buy pretty shoes, I buy them for my daughter.

I have noticed that many of the cool blogging women swear by John Fluevogs. They are shoes that look quirky but seem to be comfortable, They don't come in wide. And they are expensive so I had admired them in store windows.

Today, one of the local thrift stores had these shoes.

I tried them on assuming that they would not fit. They fit. The price tag read $25. I took them home.

Well, as a good thrift shopper I know that the joy of thrift shopping is increased if you find out the retail cost of your purchase. So here are my shoes.  A thrift store SCORE!

 A Little Bit O That
I am working on a new challah cover with the text of the Friday night Kiddush on it.
I had done the calligraphy and then realized that it would be much improved by outlining all of the letters.

It took a while, but eventually all of the letters were outlined.

I didn't have silk in exactly the right color so I block printed some shantung so all of the colors int he challah cover would play nicely together.

So with some new shoes on my feet and a challah cover shaping up, it was a good day.


  1. A thrift store score for sure! Someone even found a Prada bag at one of our Goodwill stores - I've never been so lucky!

  2. My daughter just commented that I can go into a thrift store filled with garbage and find the one treasure there. I am happy my daughter has noticed this trait of which I am very proud.

  3. I have absolutely no luck in thrift stores...and I congratulate you on your find. I've a little part of me that would love to wear Fluevogs...but I also have old lady feet and live in duck-foot-shaped German sandals, not to mention a thick streak of practical frugality that would prevent me from ever purchasing something so frivolous...unless the thrift fairies smiled on me ;-). Enjoy those fantastic shoes!


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