Before Passover every square inch of my fridge was accounted for. I forced that poor fridge to take in much more food than it was ever designed to hold. Since Passover ended my fridge has become a cavernous thing that has mostly been empty. 

While it has been nice to admire all of that spare cold real estate, the reality is that with kid #3 home from college it was time to get back to Costco and fill those empty larders.

I had asked my youngest to come with. He graciously agreed. I was about to hail a taxi to get us there quickly but my son suggested that we walk. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. It seemed like a great way to spend time with my son. On our way to the park we passed the beautifully planted NYCHA project. 

The projects are at their best during the fall and the spring. No I am not being ironic when I talk about the beauty of the projects. They have the best stand of tress outside of the parks.

Walking through Central Park made the mundane task of buying groceries into something quite special.

 My son really didn't want to be photographed so I have just a sliver of him here so you know that I am not making this whole adventure up.

Central Park is not actual nature left to it's own devices but was designed as an artifice to give pleasure to city residents.

Here is a little waterfall.The northern end of the park is deliberately a bit wild. It feels like you are miles from the city even though the nearest avenue is just a few minutes away walking. We had to direct two different tourists during our walk.

Marsh-grass always reminds me of home.

The park was created to create charming things to look at. 

It succeeds in the mission. 

We got out of the park at Malcolm X Blvd and 110th Street and then continued our way both north and east until we got to Costco.

Our larder is now full.


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