Aliza and Eliana's tallitot, completed

I finally completed the girls' tallitot.

As I may have stated earlier they are twins, the children of thoughtful parents who have since they were born been comfortable treating their daughters like sisters and not like a single unit of human being.

They came by yesterday with their parents and a dear family friend to tie their tzitzit.

Eliana had mentioned that she had forgotten all of the details of our design meeting but seeing her tallit reminded he of our discussion. She was happy that I had remembered to include all of the things that she had mentioned.

Aliza hadn't realized just how much she really liked the verse she had chosen for her atara. 
The bags I had made were like the girls, related but not identical. I constructed the ribbon stripe with two widths and colors of ribbon and some machine embroidery. The girls were as impressed as I was with the result. 

We then got down to the work of tying the tzitzit.

I have known these girls since before they were born. Each of my kids has babysat for them. 

I remember a Rosh Hashanah when the girls were maybe four and they spent all of Shaharit standing behind me and playing with my hair creating hairdos for me. 

Yesterday was just a sweet, sweet moment. While we were tying tzitzit my husband brought my youngest home from college. 

There were lots of hugs all around. I am so looking forward to hearing and seeing these girls tomorrow.


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