A Museum visit

Roz Chast is sort of a big deal in our household. We own most of the books that she has put out. Captions lines from her cartoons have made their way into our family vocabulary.

We knew that we just had to go see the exhibit of her work at The Museum of the City of New York. the museum is right across the park from our apartment. It was beastly hot out so we took the bus.

We spotted some cool plant life along Fifth Avenue.

I love going to museums. But there is nothing better than going to a museum where the visitors are laughing. Roz Chast's cartoons always maker her seem like she is perhaps one of my cousins.

She is a New Yorker who truly gets what it is like to live here.

She must have drawn this one for my youngest.

 And this one was drawn for my husband,

and me.
Roz's father favorite foods align pretty closely with my husband's , with the exception of ham and schav.

I loved the light installation in the stairwell.

We also spent some time at the Yiddish theater exhibit where re ran into friends but took no photos.

We walked home through the park and stopped off at the Upper West Side's grossest supermarket. 
There was a market in my home town, Shawmut  Market, that my mother called only "the dirty filthy disgusting store". This is the New York branch of that store. It even smells the same. Roz Chast would have had a field day there. 

We did not buy the gross packaged mystery gelatin.


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