Pesach Cookling Olympics part 2

 The Soup event for this year, begun last night
and completed just a little bit ago.

Ten quarts of beautiful soup and one gallon bag of boiled to death chicken bits.
I also made six chickens in two flavors. They are also all bagged up and in the freezer.

I finally figured out that squeezing out the vegetables is much easier if you let them cool first.For the first time making this soup my hands are not burned, but are just sore. My son laughed at me when he realized how many years of burned hands it took me to figure out this much less painful method.

Two are vaguely Indian with tumeric, cinnamon black pepper and dried fruit.

The four are flavored in a fancy version of the take out chicken my husband grew up on( smoked paprika, sumac and black pepper)

I have perfected a great method of moving whole chickens from pan to plastic bag without greasing my hands up. 

I am sure that there are kitchen wear stores that sell a tool invented exactly for this job.

A giant work spoon did the job brilliantly.
The Passover Cooking Olympics continue tomorrow with the beef, fish  and charoset events.


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