Getting there

My oven has another hour and ten minutes until the self cleaning cycle is done. My burners are clean and being kashered.
I am loving the red and white checked tablecloths covering my shelves (and soon to line all of my cabinets and drawers).  It's a little bit mad, just like the season itself which seems to be like a game of dare, "How OCD can you be ?Will you be? this year??"

I still have not covered my counters. I am really lucky and live upstairs from a dollar store. they have the ugliest Contact paper and plastic tablecloths for the job. This year's selection of flannel backed tablecloths is particularly  hmmmm.... jazzy. I will post photos when I am done.

Nothing though will match the year my older sister bought Contact paper with a pattern of cavorting  naked ladies.

I am feeling a little stunned that this Chag HaAviv/Spring festival is taking place when the trees are actually blooming.
Usually, no matter how late Passover was, we would see patches of snow appear on the ground somewhere in Connecticut.

I would prefer to be outside in the sunshine
but the fridge isn't going to clean itself and the dishes are not going to walk themselves into place.


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