Tying Jack's tzitzit

Jack's tallit was completed. it was time for him to come tie the tzitzit.

I showed him the completed tallit in all of it's details. The base silk was different than what he had selected. I sent his family photos of the silks that were available and they were pleased with the alternative choice. ( I was too, it was a much nicer silk. Sometimes the stock issues of my silk suppliers play out in our favor.)

I also showed Jack and his family the sad red silk that I had ordered and they agreed that the deep red velvet was MUCH better

We were then ready to tie the tzitzit. I usually show the bar-mitzvah child how to do the tying first. Often the family wants to join in.  Jack's mother and grandmother joined him in tying the tzitzit.

Of the three, Jack's grandmother was the most used to doing handwork. She was a quick study. there is always something so companionable about a group of people all working together with their hands.
Jack used a toothpick to keep track of the number of knots he had tied. 

I had Jack tie the last corner as well. 

When jack was done he put on the tallit with the b'rachot and all of the verses fromPpsalms.

Jack decided to wear the tallit folded in half.

I love making tallitot. I love the whole process from the initial meeting where I teach about what a tallit is at it's essence, to the process of figuring out the design for that individual , to actually doing the sewing and painting and embroidering. I do however get deep pleasure from the time I spend at that last moment, tying the tzitzit.


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