Signs of Spring

Yesterday, my youngest turned 20. 

He wore his  birthday tiara all day as we ran errands. He had asked for the tiara as a joke for his 16th birthday. His older brother was happy to comply with the fabulous tiara from the .99 store. The tiara has become a big part of our family life and lives on a bust of my mother when it isn't in use during a birthday.

My son wore the crown as we visited an art exhibit by a dear friend of ours.

As we walked around the neighborhood it was nice to see signs of spring.
He also wore the crown when we went out to diner.
Today, my son is still 20, and I still  needed to cook for Shabbat.
Vaguely French chicken and vaguely Indian vegetables are on the menu. Along with rice (with mushrooms and shallots). I just pulled the challot out of the oven.

I faked a wet berry cake for dessert. 

Shabbat Shalom to all.


  1. My youngest will be 20 in July. Staggering how fast time flies! Congratulations on surviving the teen years! :-)

  2. Happy b'day to J, my how time has flown; I so well remember the time we first met, one of us, ahem, was in a stroller. Hard to believe that little person has turned into this oh so world-wise man. You all look fab.

  3. Thanks for all of the love...he has become quite the terrific person. it's been so nice to have him home for the week.


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