Exotic Snack Food

I am really writing this post forthe three people I gave birth to. If I didn't give birth to you, you may continue reading.

When we travel with our kids one of our favorite activities is supermarket tourism. We love finding regional varieties of snack food. When our daughter went to China the first time she brought home a giant bag of Chinese versions of American snackfoods.

We went to the supermarket this afternoon. I chased down versions of chips that we don't see in New York.

I didn't purchase any of these fabulous products but might closer to our departure. The cheddar bacon mac and cheese seems to cover most of the salty and greasy categories. I did not check if they were kosher. One never knows.sometimes these seemingly Ur-treif  snack foods are made completely with chemical flavors.

I have not seen this variety of Oreos before, but I also realize that I haven't seriously studied the contents of the cookie asile in a long time.  The cheese and jalapeƱo rolls seem to be the Southern California version of a Bialy. I ate one at kiddush on Shabbat. This is something completely worth eating.

My husband hates garlic so my kids love to point out food filled with garlic just to get a rise out of him.

I love the idea of salt and black pepper chips.

Ginger chips, mmmmmm.


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