More work on Jane's tallit

I suppose that if I just had a standard tallit that I made over and over again I would be quicker at it. This tallit has taken longer than I expected because it has presented what my sewing buddies would call design opportunities. In regular people’s words it’s what you do when you have a series of problems that need to be solved. The design opportunities are what occur after you finish cursing.

One of the things that drives me crazy when I see tallitot that are constructed out of appliques stripes is that the underside of the tallit is blank, naked. When you have a woven tallit the design “reads” on both sides of the tallit. When you wear a large tallit, the kind you flip back over your shoulders, the stripes on the right side and the wrong side of the tallit interact with one another. It’s one of the visual pleasures of seeing someone wearing a tallit.
Jane who has commissioned this tallit using linens from her grandmother's trousseau, has asked that I limit the colors in the tallit to just the ivory and the gold. Each of the lace strips has been backed with gold and more ivory silk. Sewing each of those strips to the base of the tallit creates a seam. One side of the seam is clean, the other has messy parts that need to be covered.
I have been trying to figure out the best way to cover the seams. Today I reached a solution.

I had purchase this wonderful braid from the Hyman Hendler sale. I would guess that this braid is from the 1920’s. I’m not completely sure about it’s age, it isn’t marked, but it just has the feel and the look of braid from that time.
So this is what the tallit looks like now. However Jane wears the tallit, either simply hanging down or flipped back on her shoulders, it will please the eye.

Yes, I do see the threads. Yes, this tallit does need a good pressing. Never the less, I’m feeling really happy with how this is coming out.
The lace is spectacular.

I still have to edge the top and the bottom of the tallit. I have to make the atara/neckband and get the corners/pinot attached. As I look at the tallit I think I need to add one more row of the metallic ribbon.

I no longer feel like cursing.This tallit has provided me with many design opportunities. I think I have taken good advantage of the opportunities presented to me.


  1. Love the way you showcased the lace. Lovely!
    Could you do another row of the braid over near the couched gold? Or another row of couched gold instead?

  2. I was planning to do the additional row of braid just past the couched gold line...that's the spot. it may need to be two rows of the braid so it reads more like standard tallit stripes. but picked exactly the right spot.


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