Jane's tallit - a full view and a bit of mid week cooking

I'm really proud of this piece. So you get to see lots of pictures of it.

I love how the gold silk sets off the lace. Because I added stripes to the under side of the tallit, when the tallit is flipped over the shoulders it still reads as a striped tallit.
I used the scalloped borders at the outer edges of the tallit. and scalloped the backing.

When the tallit is worn with the sides down this is what the stripe pattern looks like, a mix of vintage gold ribbon, machine embroidery and hand couched gold ribbon. 
These are the back corner pieces, constructed out of the lace, the monogram and a bit of hand cording.

Thread marking the eyelet.

Jane comes on Monday to tie the tzitzit.

I had an extra gallon of milk in the fridge. So I turned it into a soft cheese.

The end result was very much like that fancy cloudlike ricotta cheese you buy in fancy grocery stores.

I decided to turn it into lasagna for dinner. I  have discovered that it takes about the same time to make lasagna noodles for scratch as it does to boil packaged noodles.  There are definite advantages to just having to roll out one big noodle per layer.
This lasagna was flavored with Herbes de Provence rather  than the more traditional Italian spices. I guess the frozen collard greens are not the usuall thing for a traditional lasagna either. 

Store bought mozzarella finished off this sort of lasagna. 

This ended up being dinner for two nights and also some of us ate it for lunch as well. It's hard to sew on an empty stomach,


  1. That is absolutely spectacular, Sarah.

  2. Jane will be astounded and thrilled with your work - it is outstanding ( and dinner looks good too!)

  3. What a beautiful tallit! I hope you have an album somewhere with photos of each one you've made.

  4. Thanks!!!A great deal of the fabulousness of this tallit is due to the wonderful old textiles, they are just a cut above in terms of quality and workmanship.

    I use this blog as my album, my record of my work...along with the other nonsense of my life like cooking and being human here in New York.

  5. Love the complete look Sarah. I am glad you are so happy with it. Very versatile for showing both sides and still giving a message.


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