Food Friday - Birthday Edition

My husband's birthday is tomorrow. As usual, he is not exactly looking forward to it. We decided to sweeten the day by inviting people he really likes to dinner. Some of them are relatives, others are friends.

I made this dinner with my husband's likes and dislikes very much in mind. 
 My husband likes meat.
I made lots of it.
I also made some vaguely Middle Eastern rice with apricots.

The salad is not pictured because it is not yet made. But these are the brussel sprouts. My husband's favorite salad dressing is the Italian dressing from the dollar store. Because it is my husband's birthday, the dressing will appear at the table.

There are also desserts.
There is another iteration of the Mario Batali chocolate biscotti, with dried apricots, candied ginger. whole almonds and big chunks of dark chocolate.

There is another made up cake this one a Meyer Lemon and coconut cake enriched with Meyer lemon syrup.

 I had actually shopped for gifts for my husband this week. I was in several stores and selected several things and each time I ended up abandoning the purchase. My husband tends not to like stuff. he is satisfied with what he has and hates the thought of wasting money. My gift is the effort and thought  have put into this meal.

Shabbat Shalom.


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