Another simple dress

The same way that I keep cooking variations on the same chicken dish, (the same technique just flavored differently). I will often use the same basic dress shape over and over.
This simple shape for an a-line cap sleeved dressis a staple in my wardrobe. 
A couple of months a go I did a version that reminded me of a Boston Bruins uniform.
 Last week I pulled out a length of dense patterned sweater knit from my stash and there wasn't quite enough for a dress for me. I pieced a strip of a black and white patterned sweater knit to the top edge of the fabric. I then cut the pieced fabric into a dress shape.
This is the result.A simple dress that has garnered tons of compliments.
It's dead simple but  graphically packs a punch. One of my neighbors complimented me on the dress and suggested that I make several more of them in different fabrics. I think I may have five other dresses cut in exactly the same shape.

A length of black flocked lace from my stash was calling out to be sewn up into a dress. my biggest decision was figuring out what to use to line the lace. I finally chose a wine colored mesh knit.

And now a few notes for all of you who care deeply about construction. I constructed the two layers separately and then sewed them together at the neckline and at the edge of the cap sleeves. The fit at the neckline was a little weird so I cut two darts at the front neckline so it actually sits nicely. I got a little fancy with the edging of the neck and covered the raw edge with a grosgrain ribbon which was then caught to the dress with a hand stitch. The hem is finished with a strip of silk gazar.

One basic shape can more or less create a wardrobe.



  1. Very nice. I especially like the sweater version. (Watching the Bruins on TV right now too.) Happy new year to you and your family my dear friend.

  2. The sweater version was worn today, to many compliments. I miss you too Ann, looking forward to seeing you when you come to town next. Hopefully it will be a quieter year than last year. Hope all is well with your gang.


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