A new year another Food Friday

For about forty years I used to say that I would eat any vegetable except for Brussel Sprouts.

My friend S introduced me to Brussel Sprouts that are actually delicious. I am now a convert.

Roasting vegetables makes them all delicious, even Brussel Sprouts. Boiling Brussel Sprouts is just a crime.

I had baked a mix of grains in some chicken juice from another Shabbat.
The chicken fat and the intensely flavored chicken juice combine to make the not so interesting grains into something special.

I made some ribs as well.
This time I made just enough for each diner to have one piece. 

I made idiot chicken (chicken with Herbes de Provence)which is not shown here but if you really want to you can go back and see some from another Shabbat dinner. 

I also made another wet apple cake, this one was made with lots of rum.

The cake is at this point naked and unadorned. I am my mother's daughter so there will either be a dusting of powdered sugar on the cake or perhaps one of those simple confectioner's sugar glaze drizzled over the cake before I serve it. I also have most of a pomegranate in the fridge that will put in an appearance to garnish the cake.

The challot will come out of the oven in a few minutes. My oven has earned it's keep today. I think it has been on continuously since ten this morning. Shabbat starts in about 30 minutes.


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